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Ski Insurance  -  This is an optional ski insurance which can be added to the rental cost to cover accidental damage or theft of the ski.  Each ski shop will have their own policy, so it is worth checking before you take the equipment, exactly what you are covered for.  You may find that your travel insurance already covers you for rental equipment.


Kid's Package  -  Children's package of boot, skis and poles, although poles are often not required for smaller children.  Not every ski shop will stock children's rentals as they know that ski schools will often include the rentals with ski lessons.

Helmet Rental  -  With awareness and demand growing in wearing a ski helmet on the slopes, many ski shops will now offer helmets to rent in a selection of sizes.

Clothing Rental  -  This is a great service for first time skiers wanting to try skiing before they commit to buying all the clothing.  It's also commonly used when airlines lose a client's luggage as it enables skiers to still get out on the slopes, without losing time.

SB (Snowboard) Rental  -  Snowboard boots, binding and board rentals.  There are often various packages depending on the level of the boarder and the terrain they are riding.

Demo Skis  -  Many ski shops will offer demo skis to rent which are the current seasons skis, with the latest technology.  If you are looking to buy skis, this is a great way to try a ski before you commit to buying.  Some ski shops will offer a demo to buy scheme where they apply some rental days towards a purchase.

AT (Alpine Touring) Rental  -  Ski touring has become increasingly popular over the last few years, so some ski shops are now offering touring equipment to rent.  Aside from the boots and skis, it is recommended that you rent essential safety equipment such as a beacon, shovel and probe, as a minimum.  If you are not an experienced ski tourer, we would only recommend going with a guide where they will teach you how to use this equipment.

Delivery Service  -  Some ski shops are able to offer a delivery service where they come to your hotel or apartment with equipment for convenience.  You may need to meet requirements to benefit from this service, such as a minimum number of renters, or delivery within a certain distance.  You will need to check with the ski shop directly to see if you qualify for this service and if a fee applies.


Here is a brief explanation of each of the Ski Rental services listed.  It often helps to plan ahead what equipment you may need to save time when arriving in resort.  Many ski shops will allow you to pick up equipment the afternoon or evening before skiing, so it is worth checking with the store to allow you maximum time on the slopes.

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