Winter World Connect is not here to make recommendations to individual ski boot fitting shops, but here to provide you with contact details and the services available in each area.  The services are listed under a general term which covers a broad spectrum of various products and services.  If you require a specific product or service, we strongly recommend that you contact the shop before arrival to check that they have exactly what you require.

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Are you looking for a ski shop near you, where all your boot fitting needs can be met?  We have compiled a list of reputable Ski Boot Fitting shops around the world and the services that they offer.  The services are listed as a guide for those people searching for a specific service or product.  However, most people will not know and are not expected to know, which boot fitting services they require to fix a problem.  We therefore, highly recommend contacting a ski shop where a boot fitter will assess the issue and determine the best solution.  Be aware that ski boot fitting problems can often be very complex, requiring multiple solutions.  The obvious solution isn't always the correct one, so the best course of action is ultimately decided by the bootfitters.  Some shops will require appointments for boot fitting work so it is worth calling or emailing ahead to check.  


Click Here for an explanation of the abbreviated services listed below and when they might be used.  When you see an 'X' in the tables below, it indicates that the shop offers that service.  Please contact the shop for specific details.